Welcome to Small Steps – The Medavie Blue Cross Wellness Blog

The ripple effect

Ever hear of the ripple effect? That’s when one pebble is dropped in a pool of water and – before you know it – the entire water surface is unsettled with small waves stemming from the force of one small stone.

Our lives are filled with ripples.

What would my life be like if I had taken that job offer? What if I told that person how I really felt? What if I invested when I should have?

The decisions we make every day create a series of waves that lead to where we find ourselves tomorrow and even years down the road.

The same is true when it comes to our health and well-being.

Our day to day lifestyle choices can have a significant impact on our health in the long term – even if we don’t realize it at the time.

You may start eating healthy to lose those pesky ten pounds for the summer. But did you know by working to be a healthy weight for the beach you are also decreasing your risk for certain cancers, heart disease, stroke and diabetes? That’s a big ripple.

Life changes, like adopting a healthier diet, are important – especially when you consider the long term benefits. But often making those changes can be overwhelming.

Where to start? What daily activities are impacting your health? Are you at risk and don’t even know it? And if you are not well – what are the best treatments and options out there to get better? Those are a lot of questions.

That’s why we created Small Steps: The Medavie Blue Cross Wellness Blog.

Wellness is important to us

Stack of sliced fruitPromoting and ensuring wellness is a big part of what we do as a health benefits provider.

We want people to be healthy. First, it’s what we believe in. Second, it also makes good sense. By helping people stay healthy we keep claims on benefit plans at a sustainable level – that keeps premiums and costs affordable for you.

For these reasons we invest a lot of time and research keeping up on the latest trends in health care, treatments as well as the leading causes of illness. We then look for solutions to mitigate or prevent these health risks including early prevention and intervention programs, supports and information.

Stay informed

Small Steps allows us to share our research and insight to help readers make informed choices about their health and well-being.

We’ll be providing information, ideas and engaging people about key health issues. Sometimes we’ll take a closer look at industry trends that may impact health care or your health plan. We’ll also offer valuable advice on how to stay healthy – physically and mentally.

So, welcome to Small Steps. Over the coming weeks we’ll post new topics and hope you’ll get involved. Be sure to check back or, better yet, bookmark this page.

If you’re interested in causing a ripple in your life for a healthy tomorrow – Small Steps can help you cast that first stone – hopefully leading to many more in the months and years to come.

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