Make your health part of your vacation planning

Welcome back summer!

Ah summer – the season of warmer weather, longer days and time to relax. For many of us, it’s also a chance to get away from it all and travel.

Playing it safe when you travel

There are a few key points to know before leaving home.

Health coverage differs by province
Medical expenses and services you usually receive through your provincial health plan may not be covered by another province. If in doubt, check with your provincial health department and your destination province about what is and isn’t covered.

Federal health care is not guaranteed outside of Canada
If you’re travelling outside the country it’s important to know the Canada Health Act does not provide coverage for health services outside of Canada.

If you decide to buy travel insurance – be a smart shopper
A lot of people buy travel insurance before leaving on vacation – but even travel insurance doesn’t include everything. Here are some things that may not be covered:

  • health issues due to pre-existing conditions
  • an illness or accident that happens in a country with a Government of Canada travel advisory
  • accidents caused by ‘risky’ activities like bungee jumping

If you decide to purchase travel insurance – be informed about what is covered to avoid any surprises.

A vacation is more relaxing knowing you’ve planned well

A vacation should be a time to relax, unwind and most of all – have fun. Doing a little homework about health care access ensures the only memories you have from your summer holiday are happy ones.

To get more facts and information about travel and your health check out Health Canada at

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