Does your new fall routine include your health?

It’s fall – happy New Year!

Forget January — after the carefree days of summer, fall is when many of us really start our new year.

Our schedules and responsibilities are back: get the kids to school in the morning, basketball or dance class in the afternoon, dinner, homework and finally  –  bed. At work, those projects that didn’t seem a priority during the summer are once again “urgent”.

Fall is about getting our lives in order. But with all the demands on our schedules, taking care of our health often takes a back seat to other priorities.

Are you too busy to be healthy?

Make a healthy meal every night? A jog or brisk walk during the morning? A trip to the gym in the evening?  Are you kidding? I’m exhausted.

Funny isn’t it? Being healthy is the thing that lets us do all the things we need to do  –  yet it’s often the last thing we think of when prioritizing our day.

When we started this blog we talked a lot about the small steps you can take to be well.  And when you think about it, in our daily routines we can take those small steps  –  if we’re willing to make the time.

Making time for your health

Instead of just sitting and checking our mobile while waiting for the kids to finish basketball or piano – go for a walk. Clearing our heads at work doesn’t need to be a caffeine break – how about a trip to the gym? Instead of lining up at the drive-thru – prepare some healthy meals on the weekend to have ready during the week.

A little effort to make our health part of our day-to-day priorities can have a big impact. Stats show that a healthy diet and regular physical activity can prevent most chronic diseases – and, most of all, ensure we can keep doing all we do.

What do you think? Is there room somewhere in your regular schedule to make a small step? Or maybe there’s something you already do that could inspire others? Tell us about it in the comments section. We’d love to hear your ideas!

Want more motivation to make a change and put your health first? If you live in Atlantic Canada, check out our  online contest and you could win a gym membership for a year.

2 thoughts on “Does your new fall routine include your health?

  1. After I drop my son off at day care, I take 20 minutes and go for a walk arround the block before going in to work. I also try and nibble on healthy snacks threwout the day and take another 20 minutes from my lunch to go for another walk.
    Now if they could only get ride of the vending maching I would be doing great!.

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