Keeping well is the best way to avoid holiday stress

christmas stress

‘Tis the season

Shopping for the perfect gift, entertaining, food preparation, decorating—getting ready for the holidays is a big job.

It’s why, for many of us, the holidays have become less about peace on earth and more about maintaining peace of mind.

But you can avoid getting too stressed—if you take the time to keep your mind and body well.

Don’t take a holiday from your well-being

To make time for all we have to do before and during the holidays, our health often takes a backseat. We opt for the quick meal after battling the mall, skip a workout to get the lights up, stay up late to finish baking.

It’s a snowball effect. We’re stressed. Healthy choices like exercise and eating right curb stress.  We don’t have time for healthy choices —we have too much to do. We get more stressed….

It’s ok to take a break from decking the halls

The holidays can be overwhelming and, as great as the season can be, sometimes we need a break from all the activity—and taking care of our health is a smart way to do it.

A workout at the gym, a jog or even a brisk walk can do a lot to help clear our heads and give us a quiet break from the hustle and bustle. Regular physical activity is also the number one way to diminish stress, depression and avoid getting sick.

One does not live on baked goods alone

christmas fruitOur food choices can also do a lot to help with our levels of stress. Good nutrition directly impacts our mental health. Yes:  it’s ok to enjoy those special holiday foods—but Grandma’s fruit cake is a treat, not a meal replacement.

Remembering to eat well-balanced, regular meals keeps our bodies and minds well.  Balanced meals, instead of sugar from sweets, also help us better maintain our energy to complete tasks and spend time with loved ones—not to mention curbing the temptation to overindulge.

A healthy and safe holiday

Including some healthy choices during the season is the smart way to reduce stress and make sure the holidays are what they are meant to be: a time to enjoy family, friends and—by keeping healthy—life.

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