Staying Committed to Wellness

With our New Year’s resolutions top of mind, many of us start the year committed to improving our health and wellness. We resolve to eat better, to exercise regularly, to drink more water, to get more sleep.

We’re enthusiastic and motivated.

But then, life sets in.


Getting up for an early morning run requires steely determination, especially when it’s dark and cold outside and you’ve a business meeting first thing. At the end of the day, there’s dinner to be made, household chores to be done and the kids need help with a school project.  Before you know it, it’s time for bed.  Besides, we’re tired.

And so we tell ourselves, I’ll go to the gym or have a better eating day tomorrow.

Staying committed to regular exercise or changing unhealthy behaviours can be challenging for the best of us.

What’s your support network?

Did you know we’re more apt to stick with an exercise program or maintain healthy behaviours when we have support?   Having someone to help motivate and encourage us goes a long way in achieving our wellness goals.

yoga palsWho do you look to for support? Do you run with a friend or running group? Are you part of a yoga community, golf foursome or do your buddies keep you committed to late night hockey practise? Perhaps a co-worker is supportive in your efforts to quit smoking or lose weight.

Just as athletes have a network of coaches and health care professionals supporting and guiding their efforts, we can all benefit from a support network.  This network can include friends, family, co-workers or anyone who motivates and encourages us.

Live Well! Bien Vivre!A community approach to wellness

Recognizing the importance of a support network, the Medavie Health Foundation recently teamed up with the Canadian Diabetes Association and the New Brunswick of Department of Health to bring an innovative wellness project to select communities in New Brunswick.  Live Well! Bien Vivre! uses a unique,  community approach to reducing unhealthy behaviours that lead to type 2 diabetes and related diseases .

Through peer support, self-help programs and community Health Coaches, Live Well! Bien Vivre! is helping individuals take responsibility for their own wellness.  The Health Coaches are working with people one-on-one to set attainable wellness goals and develop an action plan that meets their individual needs, providing guidance, motivation and mentorship along the way.

With a little support, we can all stay committed to wellness.

Visit Live Well! Bien Vivre!  on Facebook to learn more.

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