It’s like clockwork

by Anne Nicoll

It's Like ClockworkHave you ever looked inside a clock?

It’s filled with gears, springs and an intricate layout to keep time. Each mechanism depends on the other to make the clock tick. If a part stops working or becomes out of line – time is no longer accurate or stops.

A clock’s parts must all work together to function – and the same can be said about health care.

Navigating our health care system

Our health care system has a lot of touch points. We go to the doctor when we’re not feeling well. We may get a prescription or referral.  We fill our prescription at our pharmacy or visit a specialist. This could be followed by further instructions, a recuperation plan or even more referrals or a visit to the hospital. Along with that comes managing our health care costs which may involve submitting claims or keeping track of receipts.

Like a clock – it’s important that all these touch points work together or we start running into problems. Good health management is about integrated resources that make health care navigation simple. This doesn’t always happen, but there are ways stakeholders – including benefit providers – can strengthen how we work together to make sure the clock keeps ticking.

Innovative partnerships can make a difference

Case in point – we recently partnered with the Canadian Lung Association – as part of our approach to Targeted Disease Management. The partnership allows us to utilize the expertise of the association to mobilize a resource of respiratory specialists for our members living with asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

This approach makes sure our members get the right care through easy access, simple navigation and makes health cost management straight forward.  It is the first approach of this type in Canada when it comes to disease management and we hope it inspires other unique partnerships to ease health care navigation between benefit plans and health care providers.

Keep discovering new partnerships

Our health care system is constantly evolving and expanding. As we look to the future –sustainability and accessibility depends on how well all stakeholders work together. That’s not always easy. But innovative partnerships beyond the norm gives us more of an opportunity to further reach the goal of a health care system that is not only effective – but runs like clockwork.

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