How to earn and maintain value in the clients’ eyes

by Rachel Mills

English GraphicDo you remember the last phone conversation you had with a customer service representative that left you with a big smile on your face…? How did that make you feel?

When this experience happens, the client and the rep as well as the company come out as winners. On one hand, the client will describe the experience to family members, friends and colleagues, and on the other, the employee will be bursting with confidence for having made someone happy. The company will see its brand rise in value.

But the question is: how to earn and, more importantly, maintain this value in the clients’ eyes?

Today’s clients want businesses to listen, address an immediate need, anticipate and predict underlying needs, and then go above and beyond by offering choices and flexibility to find overall value. After all, a company knows its own business better than anyone else, so offering the right mix of product, service or experience to make their client’s day that much better should be simple, right?

Clients must be able to satisfy their needs easily, no matter what point of contact is used. For example, making sure that clients have several ways to communicate with the company is key: website, online member centre, mobile app, locations, customer contact centre, extended service hours, etc.

It’s also good practice to ensure that the same level of service is offered, regardless of the communication method. Integrating the client experience into the company’s values and measuring the service delivery through employee performance reviews are great approaches. The related goal? Employee accountability.

Listening to the clients to improve products or service delivery is also essential. In conversations and even criticisms – if we read between the lines – the client may provide hints about rethinking the way to do things. All it takes is being truly open and attentive. One way to measure client satisfaction in order to constantly improve practices is with the help of various survey tools. This is a smart idea that fosters development and improvement while maintaining the value built with clients.

In our industry, simplifying insurance for the client is also part of the challenge. Companies that manage to clarify complex ideas will surely win some points with clients. Using simple language when communicating and making an effort to explain insurance as clearly as possible is the way to go.

Businesses today know that offering an outstanding client experience is an effective way to achieve success, and of course knowing that clients are pleased with the products and services offered is very gratifying. Ultimately, when you achieve quality feedback in business, you can find great outcomes in your life, your wellness and your mental health… because good customer service makes everyone feel better.

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