Provide an even better client experience – A 2016 plan

by Rachel Mills

Is your company focused on giving its clients the ultimate client experience in 2016? That’s an excellent goal! We also care about outstanding customer service and I thought I would share our approach with you. Among other things, the steps below allowed us to review the way we do things, to keep the focus on our priorities and to always strive for excellence. I hope you find some interesting insights to help you keep going on your 2016 journey.


Celebrating past successes and remembering what you do well is always a good way to start. Taking stock provides the opportunity to set a benchmark. Why not look at clients’ evaluations and comments about different types of requests or transactions? Perhaps you were recognized or received an award. These are the things that set you apart. This is an opportunity to build on these.


It is good to have a dream list, but coming up with a goal and establishing a few realistic objectives is important. As you know, making too many resolutions can start to be overwhelming and, chances are, you might give up on them along the way. Think about prioritizing objectives by reviewing the list to determine which ones are essential and which ones are secondary.


Your employees interact with your clients on a daily basis. They face the challenges, they understand the needs and find solutions, and they can share creative ideas with you. All they need is the opportunity to actually share their insights with you. Collaborating with them will also increase their engagement level, which is a win-win situation.


Times change. People evolve. The needs and expectations of you clients are also changing. Consider to challenge and renew yourself. In addition to building on your strengths, think about the way you do things, have an open mind, come up with new ideas, and constantly evolve. Test things out, return to the drawing board, question certain basic assumptions. All the approaches that have been successful with clients, new or old, can be part of your client experience identity.

For example, we recently reassessed our evaluation methods for our call centre employees. This allowed us to find the right balance between the quality of service we provide and the number of calls processed. Reviewing these basic principles can pay off.


We believe that being clear with our clients on what they can expect from us is an important way to hold ourselves accountable for meeting their needs. For 2016, we have made a priority of sharing these promises with our stakeholders and getting their insights into how we are doing on them. And since we refuse to accept the status quo, our vision is to build on this commitment over time.


When is the last time you received amazing customer service? Care to share your story on how your organization delivers the greatest customer service? We’d love to hear from you, feel free to share!

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