About Small Steps

Wellness at work and in life

Where do you spend most of your time?

For most of us our answer is work. Even if we are not there physically – chances are we are there electronically.

Our lives have changed – we are connected 24/7 and the line between our personal lives and work is often blurred. That’s why – more than ever before – finding time to make our health a priority can be challenging.

It’s a lot easier when employers make the investment to support employee health and well-being. But creating a corporate wellness culture is sometimes easier said than done – and often the first step is the hardest.

That’s why we created Small Steps.

We work with clients every day to help make their workplaces healthy, keep employees well and advise on how to be a wise health care consumer – it’s what we do. Small Steps gives us the chance to share our expertise and the steps we often advise clients to take when looking at their health and wellness priorities and challenges.

Small Steps is not just for high level decision makers – HR professionals, Union members, employee motivators and employees can all participate in the issues and discussions that impact all of us as health care consumers, providers and managers.


Greg Bambury
Greg is our Vice President, Human Resources. With more than two decades of professional human resources and leadership experience, he has a demonstrated ability to successfully build team capabilities and positively impact the drivers that influence corporate values, culture and wellness.

Venky Kulkarni
Venky is our CIO and VP of Digital Health. He has particular insights on how technology is transforming our workplace, our personal lives and the future of how we provide, receive and manage health care.

Rachel Mills
Rachel is our Director, Member Experience. With more than fifteen years in contact centre leadership roles, she has the proven ability to build relationships and deliver excellent customer service to clients, in addition to enhancing the member experience. Rachel has a passion for exceptional client experience topic: no wonder this is what she writes about in this blog.

Pierre Marion
Pierre is our Regional Director of Group Sales in Quebec with a long history of examining how current trends in health and wellness can impact an employer’s benefit plan.

Anne Nicoll
Anne brings a wealth of experience to her role of VP Health and Disability Management. Anne works with our clients to ensure the right tools and approaches are in place to address physical and mental health issues that may impact an employee’s ability to work or return to work.

Theresa Rose
As Director of Group Product Management, Theresa leads the development of products and approaches designed to keep a benefit plan sustainable and affordable while ensuring members have easy access to the care and supports they need.


Small Steps compliments My Good Health – a free interactive web site for our members to help learn about their personal health and wellness goals.

A few ground rules when voicing your opinion

We welcome and encourage comments or feedback related to the topics discussed. But comments which are significantly off-topic or contain offensive language, personal attacks, or spam may be removed.

About Medavie Blue Cross

Medavie Blue Cross is a not-for-profit organization that provides health, dental, travel, life and income replacement products to small and large companies in Atlantic Canada, Ontario and Quebec and to individual customers in Atlantic Canada. It also administers various provincial and federal government sponsored health programs.

Our shareholder is the community.  As a not-for-profit organization, giving back to the community is one of our core values.  We’re proud of our more than 1,900 employees who donate their time and money to support healthy outcomes in communities across the six provinces where we operate. Through our Building Healthy Communities program and the Medavie Health Foundation, we contribute 13% of our annual net income to the communities where our clients and colleagues live and work.

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